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Camphor is also known as Karpuram”. It is divided into two types: Edible and Lighting camphor. We provide a wide selection of camphor according to size and weight requirements.


The pleasant and characteristic aroma is always the identity of “Sambrani”. We provide a variety of Sambrani including powder, instant stick, cup, and bar.


Agarbatti is known as “Incense Sticks”. They emit aromatic smoke when lit. Incense made from wood is used for both pleasure and spiritual development.


Brighten up the dark with a flame of fragrance loaded. We provide a variety of candles in various sizes and weights.


With Chandan-Tika, religious prayers and events are brightened. Every day, wake up with a sense of gratitude. Chandan tika is available in powder form as well as coin form.

Chandan Tika

Kumkum is a powder that is used for cultural and spiritual marks. We’re producing a variety of kumkums.


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