A wide range of Poojai items with a high level of fragrance present. I would recommend it!


Since 2010, I've been using all of Selvabalai's goods for sales, and it's gotten me a lot of attention from the public, which has helped me grow my sales.


Every day Poojai I choose "Selvabalaji Camphor" Since it has a pleasant aroma and burns cleanly without leaving any residue.

Murugan Ram

The greatest thing about Selvabalaij products is their aroma, excellent size, packaging, and delivery. It's something I always recommend!


I used to buy a lot of camphor in bulk. Available in a variety of sizes (from small to large), this is an outstanding product with a decent shape and size. The product delivery is excellent on time. I have never encountered such a fast order processing.

Shivaram Raja

We've been working with SelvaBalaji for over a decade. We haven't had any issues with their products or supply chain as of now.
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